How it Works

Spawnsong is a platform that is designed to give Artists more control over their content. We aim to become an instrumental element in the toolbelts of music makers. From the earliest days of a song's creation, to having a comprehensive understanding of your listeners and supporters, Spawnsong is dedicated to the needs of the Artist. Large; medium; small, we aim to be the go-to promotional tool for Artists of all sizes.

The process begins when an Artist has isolated a part of the song they consider the 'hook'. It could be a rough edit, or something more refined, but so long as it's satisfactory to the Artist, it is then uploaded to the platform for discovery!

Users of the site can browse and once they find a clip they like, a quick pre-order can be made. Pre-orders are charged at the point of song completion and delivery. Once the song is publicly release-ready , Artists upload the full song to the site. Those who pre-ordered will receive an automated notification e-mail, with a link to the Spawnsong Playlist. Here, you can directly stream the song off the website or download it for your own local copy.

Spawnsong offers two types of musical content: 1) Spawnsong Clip 2) Spawnsong minimix

Clip: 23-42 second long sound bite. What the Artist considers the hook of the respective song. $1.23 per clip

Minimix: 2-7 minute long representation of the corresponding mixtape. $4.23 per minimix

Artist ToS (beta)

We're hoping to minimize trouble with copyright by focusing on new releases, only.

Remixes and covers must have explicit permission from the Artist whose song is being remixed or covered.

Artist payment works like this:

$1.23 = Pre-order Price
CCC = Credit Card Company, in our case Stripe

($1.23 - CCC fee) - 10% of remaining amount = Artist payment

So if you're wondering how much Spawnsong takes of the transaction, it's 10% after the CCC fee has been deducted.

Artists will be paid in monthly intervals, and only if the amount earned is greater than $50.

Artists must have an e-mail address associated with their account, so that we can contact them in regards to Artist Payment.

The recommended way to use Spawnsong is to let your fans know about the clip through Twitter or Facebook.

Go forth, and prosper Music Makers.